3 Home Tools You Can Buy To Keep Your Ears Clean

There are several popular methods for removing earwax, some using tools and some not. The best earwax remover tools will often be a combination of three things: drops to be applied internally to loosen the earwax; syringes or pressure based flushes that use water; and earwax oils that help soften dry earwax making it more accessible or help it along it’s way to exiting naturally.

The other option, is what we offer here at Welling Ear Wax Clinic- microsuction ear wax removal in Kent.

Each method has various reasons why it may or may not be the most beneficial to you personally, and speaking to a specialist or your GP is always advised to understand the best option for you.

The age old solution of cotton buds are now no longer recommended by health professionals as they may push wax further into the ear canal, rather than help fix the issue. As you use different wax removal tools, you’ll also want to be careful not to apply to much pressure to your ear and risk puncturing your eardrum. And, while beauticians often advertise a procedure called ear candling that involves burning a candle to suck out earwax, this method also has no scientific backing for being effective and can be dangerous.


Squip Kyrosol All-Natural Earwax Removal Kit

One tool that often helps remove earwax is Squip Kyrosol earwax removal kit. You insert glycerin-based drops that work to help loosen up any deep lying wax. You then heat up water to room temperature,  fill the syringe and place it directly into your ear and gently apply the water. Unlike may other similar products, this syringe diverts it’s water in three different directions. This then reduces the pressure on your eardrum, increasing the safety and reducing the likelihood of any damage done.


Earwax Removal Aid Drops

As any object inserted into the ear canal could potentially cause discomfort or damage to the eardrum, earwax removal drops are an extra-safe and often still effective option to remove ear wax. The active ingredient is carbamide peroxide, which loosens and breaks up any hard to budge earwax when applied. To use the drops, you apply them to the ear canal as you may expect. There are various diagrams on the box for where to specifically apply if you are unsure. You then lay on your side for the recommended amount of time that the box suggests


Natural Ear Wax Oils

Many people opt for the natural oil method of reducing their earwax. Many classic earwax removal tools are designed to remove already loose or wet earwax, but for dry or stubborn earwax, you’re natural oil can help get it loose enough for removal.

Many people are not sure which home remedy may help them and in this scenario speaking to an expert is always recommended. For almost all cases of ear wax issues, microsuction ear wax removal is the best solution and will bring almost instant relief. To book an appointment or discuss further with a specialist today, click here.