Excess Ear Wax Microsuction Treatment In Bexley

The most popular and most commonly used technique to remove excessive build up of ear wax is ear wax microsuction. The build up of ear wax is different for everybody and can happen over a period of time and can affect you at any age. In most circumstances your ear wax would naturally remove itself from your body but sometimes it needs that little extra encouragement. 

We have people come from all over the local area to get our specialist ear wax removal treatment in Bexley Village.

Our advanced ear wax removal clinic in Bexley offers safe and effective procedures to address ear wax build-up and ensure optimal hearing health for our patients.

What is microsuction ear wax removal?

Your ears are really important parts of your body and you need to be careful when dealing with ear wax. Ear wax microsuction is the safest way of ear wax removal and provides many more benefits over other treatments such as syringing or irrigation:

  • Microsuction can still be conducted where an ear drum perforation exists
  • It is safe to use at the time of an external or middle ear infection
  • Risks of this procedure are lower than with ear irrigation or syringing
  • It’s carried out under high magnification for more detailed viewing and precise treatment.

Microsuction ear wax removal in Bexley Village is considered one of the top methods of removing ear wax and debris, helping the local Bexley area be free of discomfort in the ear and blockages which really can affect your day to day life.

Many GP’s do not provide this service anymore, so we have seen an increase in demand being a private clinic. People of the Bexley area are coming to Welling Ear Wax Clinic for our high class, professional service.

As so many GPs no longer provide this service, there is increased demand for private clinics who do. People in Bexley with blocked ears are coming to Welling Ear Wax clinic for our gold standard service.

What is the process for microsuction ear wax removal?

Ear microsuction is the removal of ear wax while using a high magnification microscope to get the best view for the procedure, a small, very thin steel fitting attached to a suction pipe.

The expert clinician will start with an examination of your ear using a binaural microscope called a head loupe (magnifying glasses). Once the clinician has a clear view of the ear canal, the ear wax is carefully removed using low suction.

Ear microsuction is the most common way to remove ear wax build up from the ear canal. This effective, painless procedure will only take a few minutes and most people come out of the treatment with no reviews of discomfort.

Scroll down to read more frequently asked questions about microsuction ear wax removal in Bexley or specifically about our clinic serving the people of Bexley


Hear from our satisfied customers

Sayma Alom
Sayma Alom
Best place I took my child who had serious blockage due to wax and nhs wait time was months and my child was really struggling with his ear wax found this place service was amazing and honestly my child felt relief thank you so much
james kingman
james kingman
Really nice clinician, very modern and clean clinic, highly recommend
Helen Kensett
Helen Kensett
Amazing experience. I was deaf In one ear as the wax was so compacted he had his work cut out! Expert calm care and both ears cleaned perfectly. Can’t recommend highly enough!
Megan Hobbs
Megan Hobbs
Honestly can’t recommend enough, super quick appointment, fab competitive price and the friendliest service.
Daniel Frankis
Daniel Frankis
Fantastic service, had both ears cleared in minutes with no pain whatsoever. Des is brilliant and fully recommend to anyone needing ear wax treatment. Thanks for giving me my hearing back!
Roger Large
Roger Large
Had a hearing test and was told I had a build up of wax in both ears. Des soon sorted me out. It was painless and quick. I was made to feel comfortable, all were very professional
Talkeen Pandor
Talkeen Pandor
Have had issues with ear wax for a few years which would usually work itself out with olive oil drops but been struggling over the past week. Popped in to Welling Ear Clinic and the service was friendly, professional and definitely highly skilled. Feel like I’ve been blessed with fresh ears!
Joe Huss
Joe Huss
My ear had been aching for a few weeks and I had lost a great part of my hearing on my left side after 10 minutes with Des I have no more pain and can hear so much better. I experienced no discomfort from the procedure. I would highly recommend using the Welling Ear Wax Clinic.Thank you Des.
Lisa Harden
Lisa Harden
Quick, efficient and friendly service! Procedure took two minutes and I came out able to hear properly!!
Georgina Bates
Georgina Bates
Des was absolutely brilliant really quick appointment great price and very friendly and experienced and professional will defo use again and recommend

Ear Wax Microsuction FAQ

What is microsuction?

Ear microsuction entails the use of a gentle vacuum machine to leave the ear free of wax. A microscope allows us to see clearly into the ear to carry out the procedure. The end results for the patient are better hearing and cleaner ears.

How is microsuction performed at your clinic near Bexley?

When you travel from Bexley to our clinic, we’ll make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When you do, a suction device is used to remove the earwax under a microscope. A small, thin wand is placed inside the ear canal to carefully suction the wax away.

How long does the procedure take?

This is a very quick procedure and usually only takes around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

Do I need to prepare for the microsuction procedure near Bexley?

No preparation is required for micro-suction to be performed.

The only thing you should consider preparing for is your journey down from Bexley to avoid any traffic.

However, it is recommended to use olive oil based ear drops for a couple of days before the procedure to soften the wax. If you have an ear infection (external or internal) it is recommended to have this treated by a GP before micro-suction as these conditions can make the procedure uncomfortable. Alternatively, the ear canal can be suctioned to help clear up the infection.

What does ear microsuction in Bexley cost?

The cost for the procedure is £40 for one ear and £60 for both ears.

Is ear wax microsuction safe?

The procedure is considered to be entirely safe although, as per any medical procedure, there are some risks associated with micro-suction. Some dizziness may occur for a short time after micro-suction. Tinnitus may result from the procedure but should dissipate naturally. Damage to the ear canal is very rare.

How often can I Visit From Bexley For Treatment?

Wax is constantly created by the ears and can build-up in the ear canal again. Micro-suction can be performed as often as necessary to remove excess ear wax.

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