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How Often Do You Need Ear Microsuction or Wax Removal?

If you’re suffering from a build up of ear wax, having the wax professionally removed, such as with microsuction, could ...
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Can Ear Wax Removal Improve Your Hearing?

Can Ear Wax Removal Improve Your Hearing? Everyone’s ears produce ear wax. Also known as cerumen, ear wax is your ...
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How do you know if you need ear wax removal?

Ear wax is natural for all of us, and most of the time, we don’t have to do anything with ...
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Can ear infections be caused by wax build-up?

It can be easy for many of us to imagine that an accumulation of wax in our ears – or ...
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What Is the most effective ear wax removal treatment?

What Is The Most Effective Ear Wax Removal Treatment? Ear wax is normal and natural. However, for some of us, ...
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How To Tell The Difference Between Inner and Outer ear blockages

Ear blockages can be caused by a number of things, including wax build-up, infections, or even earwax that has hardened ...
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Caring For Your Ears & Why This Is Important

The human ear is an incredible, complex creation, capable of helping us to communicate effectively with one another, to enjoy ...
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How Does Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Work?

Ear wax is something that we deal with on a daily basis, and although it may be inconvenient, it is ...
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How does earwax build up in your ears?

Earwax is produced by our ear canals and is a natural occurrence that we should let run its course, as ...
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From Ear Wax To Audiology

From Ear Wax to Audiology The Welling Ear Wax Clinic is proud to announce that Des Dhesi embarks on his ...
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