Ear Wax Removal In Gravesend

Ear wax microsuction is the most commonly used technique to free your ears of excessive ear wax build up. The process of ear wax build up is different for each individual and can affect you at any age. In most cases your ear wax naturally removes itself from your ear but in those cases where it doesn’t, ear microsuction is there for you. We have patients from all over the local area to get our specialist ear wax removal treatment including the Gravesend area.

What is microsuction ear wax removal?

When dealing with ear wax and your ears its really important you go to the right place with professionals. Ear wax microsuction is actually the safest way of ear wax removal compared to treatments such as syringing or irrigation.

Providing benefits such as:

  • If an ear drum perforation exists Microsuction can still be conducted
  • It is safe to use at the time of an external or middle ear infection
  • Risks of this procedure are lower than any other procedure
  • It’s carried out under high magnification for more detailed viewing and precise treatment.

This is one of the top methods of ear wax/debris removal, we are here to help the people of Gravesend for them to be free of discomfort in the ear.

Many GP’s do not provide this service no longer so here at our private clinic in Welling we have seen an increase in demand, people from Gravesend are coming to us for the high class, professional service we provide.

What is the process for microsuction ear wax removal?

The process involves the removal of ear wax using a high magnification microscope to get the best view inside the ear. This microscope is a small, very thin, steel fitting for maximum comfort attached to a suction pipe.

The expert clinician will start with an examination of your ear using a binaural microscope called a head loupe (magnifying glasses). Once the clinician has a clear view of the ear canal, the ear wax is carefully removed using low suction.

Microsuction is an effective, painless procedure which will only take a few minutes and most people come out of the treatment with no reviews of discomfort.

Scroll down to read more frequently asked questions about microsuction ear wax removal in Gravesend or specifically about our clinic serving the people of Gravesend.

Valerie Dowsett
Valerie Dowsett
I had been having trouble with my ears for well over a year .Had to have volume right up on television and not being able to hear what people say .I used to dread social occasions. I was really apprehensive about having my ears done but after reading the 5 star reviews my partner booked an appointment for next day and what a difference !! it seems like everyone is shouting! I cannot thank this man enough ,he was very gentle and explained everything.Would highly recommend !!
Sean Cozens
Sean Cozens
Brilliant. I can now hear again. Really friendly, explains what is going on. Sorted my ears out in less than 10 minutes. One ear was completely blocked. No more using over the counter drops for me anymore. If my ears are blocked this clinic is getting a call.
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis
You guys are lifesavers!!! I called up at 9am and 20 minutes later I was in the hot seat! And oh my god I can hear again!!!! So pleased with the service and only wish I can give more the 5 stars! Very good value for money compared to private centres in London. Don’t hesitate with this place - just book and go! Trust me you won’t regret it at all. **Update** I went again today and yet again the best place ever! All the staff are so friendly. But the best news is I can hear!!! My right ear was a little tricky but he managed to sort it out! Absolute star and a true legend!!! One little thing for those patients who book an appointment, please attend if you book or at least call up to cancel as it’s not fair on others who really need treatment. Sadly the person before never turned up to their book appointment… Update part 3 Still the best place! Des is amazing! Had a blocked ear and he sorted it out completely!!!! Don’t hesitate just book and have your ears cleaned out - it makes such a difference!
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
Great service by Des! Explained the procedure to me before we got started and had some great technology that helped me see the different the procedure made! Would definitely get done again! Thanks to Wes & the team at welling!
Jim Urpeth
Jim Urpeth
Great service. Highly recommended.
Julie O'Hara
Julie O'Hara
Mr Dhesi was very friendly and reassuring, explained the procedure clearly, was very gentle and gave lots of useful advice before, during and after the procedure. I would highly recommend and will be using the service again when I need to. Easy to book online and lots of appointments, including Saturday, which is a bonus for people who work full-time. Thanks so much Mr Dhesi.
Roger Tauszky
Roger Tauszky
I have attended Welling Ear Wax Clinic on two occasions. I have nothing but good things to say about Des Dhesi. He is very friendly and helpful and is very professional. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Miss Toner
Miss Toner
What a wonderfully kind man! I went in feeling ill because of how blocked my ears were and fed up of how debilitating it felt. Desi was kind and did everything to make sure I left with clear ears and gave great advice. Thank you so much!
Lesley Donington
Lesley Donington
Absolutely brilliant it was so quick! Mr Dhesi was very nice, explained about it and after gave me advice re next few days. The build up of wax in my ear had made me feel really dizzy the past couple of days. I can hear clearly again! Will definitely use him again, if I need to! The website is really easy to book an appointment. I booked last night for this morning. Excellent!

Ear Wax Microsuction FAQ

Ear microsuction entails the use of a gentle vacuum machine to leave the ear free of wax. A microscope allows us to see clearly into the ear to carry out the procedure. The end results for the patient are better hearing and cleaner ears.

When you travel from Gravesend to our clinic, we'll make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When you do, a suction device is used to remove the earwax under a microscope. A small, thin wand is placed inside the ear canal to carefully suction the wax away.

This is a very quick procedure and usually only takes around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

No preparation is required for micro-suction to be performed.

The only thing you should consider preparing for is your journey down from Bexley to avoid any traffic.

However, it is recommended to use olive oil based ear drops for a couple of days before the procedure to soften the wax. If you have an ear infection (external or internal) it is recommended to have this treated by a GP before micro-suction as these conditions can make the procedure uncomfortable. Alternatively, the ear canal can be suctioned to help clear up the infection.

The cost for the procedure is £40 for one ear and £60 for both ears.

While hearing loss can be due to blockage of the ear canal by ear wax, it is not the sole reason people experience temporary, sudden or prolonged, permanent hearing loss.

Microsuction will remove the majority of ear wax, if not all, and so can only restore your hearing to whatever level it was at before you got an ear wax blockage.

Wax is constantly created by the ears and can build-up in the ear canal again. Micro-suction can be performed as often as necessary and is different for each individual.

Welcome to Gravesend

From 2016, The Welling Ear Wax Clinic has been serving the local community.

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We welcome all visitors from across Gravesend to our microsuction ear wax clinic!